The Australian Mens

Ultimate Frisbee Team

DT11: A reflection

Hello and welcome back to the Dingo pack.

At the end of another year it feels appropriate to take a short journey through some of the impactful events we shared. There is time for one final Dingo Tracks.

DT9: Dear Dingo Diary

The voice inside our heads. A constant companion, the secret to many of our greatest achievements and also that bugger who tries to tell us “close enough is good enough. Why not just finish trying now?”

DT8: Building a team

Hello to the Dingo community and welcome back on the trail to Worlds.

The outset of any project can feel like a truly exciting time, when potential mingles with imagination and everything feels possible. On the weekend just gone the Dingoes walked into the reality of our 2016 project at our first training camp.

DT7: Down to work

Hello and thank you for joining us back on the Dingo trail. The furious noise and speed of the selection process which has occupied our world for the past few months has quieted now. Our team has been announced and the implications of those significant selection decisions have begun to settle into place as a part of reality.